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fredag den 15. juli 2011

MSN mand, I love you

Det kan da være fint nok med rosenblade strøet over sengen, levende lys, Sade på stereoanlægget, flere timers optakt med frække sms’er og alt sådan noget. Men nogle gange er det også fedt bare at tage tøjet af og knalde.

torsdag den 14. juli 2011

tirsdag den 12. juli 2011


Jeg har ikke brækket mig i, sådan, 3 år eller sådan noget.
... Indtil nu.


søndag den 10. juli 2011



Så siger vi lige tak til en skøn en, der reddede mig igår. Var så tæt på at gribe en vodka flaske og holde fest for mig selv, på mit værelse. Men i stedet blev det en dejlig, skins-agtig aften, indtil jeg bad dem skride fordi at jeg var ved at falde i søvn, men slutever! Det sker ikke næste gang.

Men altså, speaking of skins, jeg kom lige i tanke om hvor røv lækker jeg egentlig synes Emily er, så her er lige nogle billeder af hende:



lørdag den 9. juli 2011

Kan ikke hive mig selv op igen. Tror at jeg bliver nødt gå en meget lang tid. Kunne godt bruge at være Rikke, bare lidt..


En eller anden skal komme og hive mig til fest, så jeg har en undskyldning for at være fuld.


A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. If your fingers graze a dry bush, go back to the kissing and hugging for awhile. Just make sure you actually dip your finger between the lips. Sometimes moisture gets trapped between the labia and a little fingerial coaxing is all that’s needed to get the honey dripping. 
Once you’re sure the beaver is wet, give it a few light, teasing strokes with your finger. There’s nothing worse than rushing into this, so make sure she’s really begging for it before you get under the covers.
Extra tip: Be like Prince and bring up a wet finger that both of you can share like a 1950s milkshake with two straws.
Important: Don’t play your trump card too soon by putting your fingers all the way inside. This can detract from the upcoming penetration and kill the tease factor. Try to remember that 78% of a woman’s pleasure is about yearning. Poking it in too soon is sure to put out the fire.
 Once she’s lathered up, it’s time to go down. Get your fingers out of there and don’t touch anything for a bit. Let your lap do a bit of grinding and get some last-minute necking in like you’re going away on vacation. 
Though it’s very tempting on your way down to pull the blankets over your head like the little mole-man that you are, this is a very bad idea. It gets super hot down there and whipping the duvet off your head and gasping for air ten seconds before she comes is pretty much going to kill the mood. 
Start by kissing her boobs and stomach and slowly working your way down. Don’t get carried away with those stupid tits, though. That’s something you should have taken care of before the pants even came off. Right now it’s all about the stomach and inner thighs. A little bit of gentle biting is good, but a sure winner is to start at the knee and move towards the muff in a slow, shark-like swoop. Nibble your way right up to the edge of her cunt, then skip across it and head for the other knee. Repeat. Doing this a few times will get her really hot and save you a lot of pussy-eating time in the long run. When you’re just about ready to do the deed, start practicing on that weird crevice next to the lips. Don’t spend too long there or she might start to think that you think that’s the actual cunt.
By now she should be dying for you to make your move. If you’re doing it right, she’ll be moaning and trying to force your head between her legs. Stretch this phase out until she looks like she’s been holding her breath for three days.
Extra trick: Hover over the bush for about five seconds before the first lick. If you wait longer than that, she might think you’re having second thoughts because it smells bad. Of course, we all knows that motherfucker smells sweeter than a bowl of steamin’ crawdaddies.
Important: Never bite the cunt in any way whatsoever. If this needs more explaining you should probably just stick to jerking off.
Isolate your playing field. Pubic hairs are to eating pussy what cavities are to dental hygiene. You’re never going to be able to identify all the parts if she looks like that PIL album That What is Not. One hot trick is to get her to spread her lips apart so her pussy is all set up for you like a great big buffet.
Do your first lick super slow. It’s good to groan and moan too. It shows you’re digging it while sending microscopic audiophonic vibrations right up her snapper. Start just above the anus and take it all the way to the fur. Do about a dozen of these “St. Bernard licks” before moving on (take it really slow, like four seconds per lick). This is a good time to figure out what kind of clit she has. If it’s real sensitive she’ll probably convulse as you pass over it and that means you’re probably in for an easy ride. If there’s no reaction when you graze over her clit, she probably has one of those nerveless little pea clits and you’re in for a thirty-minute session of tongue-tendinitis.
Eating pussy is so gentle it can make you feel like a bit of a fag. If you’re getting tired of being ballerina boy, take it out on the clit. Figure out how much abuse it can take without making her uncomfortable and show the little bastard who’s boss.
After all, Mr. Elusive is precisely what makes muff diving so difficult. He’s surrounded by labia and, even after you find him, all the pressure can pop him over to the side. All of a sudden you’re giving the pee hole the seeing to of its life. Think of the clit like a tumor in a pile of ear lobes. When you push down on the area he’s the only one that can’t be squished. Once one of your tongue troopers finds him, call for reinforcements. Use your lips to get hers out of the way and focus all your attention into getting him alone. Once you find him, give him a bit of a hard time for trying to hide from you. Frisk him and give him a couple of whacks across the head. More on this punk and his bad attitude later. 
Extra important tip: The best way to stimulate the clit is to run your entire tongue over it after you isolate it from the lips. The man in the boat should feel the texture of the entire tongue pushing down on his body and his boat.
After the slow licks it’s time to get this party started. There are essentially two types of clitori. Ones that enjoy a serious going over and ones that don’t. The latter suck about as much as a one-inch penis and you should dump her right away.
Extra tip: Clits come in all shapes, sizes and sensitivities, but that doesn’t really tell you much. All of them want to be treated slow and soft at the beginning but the only way to tell if you can go fast at the end is by reading her reactions. This is impossible to teach but just do the best you can. All we can tell you is convulsing means take it ease and “Oh my God” means bring it on.
These are the most fun because you can be creative. Pretend your tongue is the bad cop and the clit is the guy who killed your partner. Separate him from his buddies (the lips) and suck him right up into your mouth. Now he’s on your turf. Keep him erect by creating an air-tight vacuum chamber in your mouth. Slap the little bugger upside the head with one big tongue bonk. He’s not going to tell you shit because he’s a clit and he has no idea what you’re talking about, but kick his ass anyway. After a few teasers and swirling circles, rat-a-tat-tat him senseless like a boxer whacking a speed bag. If she starts freaking out like it’s too much, ease up on the interrogation and go back to the St. Bernard licks. The vacuum is a great way to bring her to orgasm, but it’s a bit much sometimes, so mix things up with some circles around the clit and some tongue fucking. 
As you’re closing in for the kill, go back to the vacuum and give the suspect a relentless head smacking. Up-and-downies are usually the most effective, but your tongue will get less tired if you throw in a few side-to-sides. When you feel the inner thighs start to shake, this is it. Be repetitive. Do NOT be creative. You’re almost home and this is not the time to start changing tactics.
Extra tip: To keep the rhythm going, try repeating a chant in your head that goes with the movement of your tongue like a Mic Mac Indian (hi-yi-yi-ya, hi-yi-yi-ya, hi-yi-yi-ya). Any inconsistent action may throw her off, killing the mood or at least setting you back a few minutes, which is bad for morale.
Important: Keep going several seconds after her orgasm. Remember, it isn’t over until the hands come down from above and lay you off. If she’s multi-orgasmic you’ll have to keep going until you’ve done the whole routine another four or five times. If you’re not sure what to do, just keep giving her shit until the magic hands come down to pull you off.
Once you’re done (totally finished) she’s going to want you out of there pronto because the whole area is sensitive. Instead of leaving, stick out your tongue and lay it down on her like a thick, soggy carpet. Make sure you don’t move it or anything because that can actually hurt her. Just let it sit there  for about thirty seconds. Then come up and wipe your face like a pirate. You now have a good minute to get the condom on and take her from the quarters of Prince Muhammad Muhammad Saddat to the cockpit of an F-15.
Klokken er 01:48 om natten..... Jeg føler at jeg vil høre Cannibal hele natten og ikke være søvnig, og brænde hjerneceller af og ikke gi' en fuck.
Jeg har allermest lyst til at være 6 år igen.
"This is the real thing, you get no second chance."
Når jeg lukker mine øjne, vibrerer min hjerne. Det er ikke rart.
Fuck you all. Jeg er hjernedød.
Later, bitches!

holy shit
life is blowing me right now
and she swallows


tirsdag den 5. juli 2011


I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now

I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now


mandag den 4. juli 2011

Forskellige citater fra Roskilde.

Jeg står fredeligt sammen med den her pige jeg kender, veninde eller whatever, da hun pludselig siger:
"Jeg ved fandme ikke hvad der sker, om det festival hygiejne, men min fisse klør bare pisse meget. Ej, ok, jeg var også sammen med jsbfof forleden, så jeg har sgu nok klamydia eller sådan, han er jo også bare pisse ulækker. Lige pludselig begyndte han også at bolle mig mega meget i røven. 'Amen, det gør man da ikke bare."

Mig: "Nitte."


Senere sidder jeg inde i mit telt med en anden "veninde", som siger:
"Altså, jeg ville gerne ha' set det, ik'? Men så kom hthreh og så tænkte jeg, at så skulle jeg jo ligesom kneppe ham."
Mig: "Når jaer, ok. selvfølgelig."


Et andet tidspunkt sidder jeg sammen med min veninde og hendes veninde, som så fortæller:
"Altså, der var jo de her to fyre" (som jeg har havde mødt natten før) "Som jeg så var sammen med på en gang. Anyway, vi havde været i gang i et stykke tid, og jeg skulle virkelig pisse. Pludselig så tror en af drengene at jeg er kommet sådan virkelig voldsomt, og så finder jeg ud af at jeg har pisset på dem og i deres telt. Men det er fint nok, for jeg tror at de tror at det var øl."

Mig: Griner bare hysterisk.


Endnu en, du ved, veninde om hendes 12-årige bror:
"Altså, min lillebror giver mig hans ritalin (ADHD medicin, der har lidt speed i) når jeg køber smøger til ham. Vil I ha' en?"



ok, kæmper lidt med en header, bær lige over med mig. Hvis det bliver fucker grimt, så fjerner jeg lortet. no problem.

- GB